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Our Mission

Lolly's Locks connects high-quality wigs to economically disadvantaged cancer patients suffering hair loss as a side-effect of chemotherapy.

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When it comes to connecting our recipients with wigs, we cover every imaginable cost, and our recipients never pay a dime. We are completely reliant on donated funds to grant wigs!

Meet Lolly

Lolly's Locks was formed in loving memory of Lolly Toll, wife and mother-extraordinaire, who lost her 15-month battle with cancer in March 2012.

Love Letters

Jill J.

“Thank you for helping me feel the sea breeze in my hair again! 🙂 It’s like you gave me a time machine to fast forward through all my chemo misery and feel like myself again! I can’t thank you enough!”

Yamna M.

“Thanks so much! This wig is now my best accessory- it makes me feel good. I can’t thank you enough!”