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Our Mission

Lolly's Locks connects high-quality wigs to economically disadvantaged cancer patients suffering hair loss as a side-effect of chemotherapy.

sHAIR: #ShairYourHair

We invite you to participate in our new sHAIR initiative by donating your hair to be made into wigs for our worthy recipients!

Donate Now

When it comes to connecting our recipients with wigs, we cover every imaginable cost, and our recipients never pay a dime. We are completely reliant on donated funds to grant wigs!

Love Letters

Jill J.

“Thank you for helping me feel the sea breeze in my hair again! 🙂 It’s like you gave me a time machine to fast forward through all my chemo misery and feel like myself again! I can’t thank you enough!”

Yamna M.

“Thanks so much! This wig is now my best accessory- it makes me feel good. I can’t thank you enough!”