Jill J.

“Thank you for helping me feel the sea breeze in my hair again! 🙂 It’s like you gave me a time machine to fast forward through all my chemo misery and feel like myself again! I can’t thank you enough!”

Yamna M.

“Thanks so much! This wig is now my best accessory- it makes me feel good. I can’t thank you enough!”

Nancy M.

“Lolly’s Locks, you have saved my life…The complements just keep coming! I can’t believe how beautiful my Lolly’s Locks wig is. It’s real and it feels so natural. The quality is outstanding. All my cancer friends are jealous…Thank you for giving me my confidence back! I feel beautiful!”

Marie S.

“When I was driving to work and l looked in the rear view mirror, I was like “Wow, I am back!” This really looks like me. I think I started to lose myself. My hair is for me my identity, and I missed it. My smile and confidence has returned! Thank you!”

Viktoria L.

“My new beautiful wig just arrived! I do look like my old self! Thank you so much!”

Cheyenne B.

Cheyenne is an example of a woman who looks absolutely gorgeous without her hair, but she is working hard as a student, and she expressed a great deal of concern about maintaining her privacy at school. We wish this lovely lady the best as she completes her education in her new wig!

Sue B.

Wow. It feels like I am back. Now I need to get my groove on. Even though my body’s not quite up to it. This too will pass. Thank you so very much. Muah!

Olivia T.

I just wanted to thank you so much for my new wig – I love it! The kindness from you and Lolly’s Locks will not soon be forgotten. I only hope I can pay it forward once I get better.”

Katie R.

Thank you Lolly’s Locks for the beautiful wig, I’m so happy with how it looks and feels! Just what I needed to feel like me again for the Holidays and my upcoming wedding!

Alison H.

I had been rocking the scarf and hat look, and just knew that people could tell that my head was shaved..But with the wig…I just put it in a pony tail, and threw on some earrings, and though I was still a little self-conscious, I was able to forget about looking like I have cancer, and for an hour or so, I could just be myself again.