Cancer Discussion

Remembering Gladis

It’s been a tough week here at Lolly’s Locks. We lost one of our recipients, Gladis. She was a bright, inspiring, thoughtful young woman. Gladis lived in California with her two teenage children and her parents. As a single mom, she had her hands full, and she had spent the last several years fighting three separate cancer recurrences.
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Help Us Re-Open Our Doors!

Lolly’s Locks Family,

The last month has been really tough for us here at Lolly’s Locks. At the beginning of June, Jaime and I were forced to take a cold hard look at the books and compare it with the stack of applications we have received. The numbers just didn’t add up and, unfortunately, we were forced to close our application to our program. The growth of our organization has been exponential in the last year. We have granted and paid for over 285 wigs for women across the country, bringing us to a grand total of 360.

As we have grown, we have been fortunate to receive both national and local press. The press was targeted primarily at one of our audience- potential recipients- but not to the donors that make our mission possible. Thus, applications poured in, but donations did not keep up. By May, we were receiving over 78 applications to our program. That blew our expectations out of the water. We could never have even fathomed that before. To put it into perspective, when I started here last summer we were receiving just about 5 applications a week. By the time we closed applications, we were receiving upwards of 3 a day.

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Meet Lolly’s Locks’ Newest Employee, Mackenzie

Hi Everybody,

I am the newest Lolly’s Locks employee. I jumped on board in August, and these past few months have been a whirlwind. I graduated from college last May, and spent my summer frantically applying for jobs. When I came across Lolly’s Locks, I knew I had stumbled upon an amazing opportunity. I am a childhood leukemia survivor, so cancer has always been a big part of my life, particularly because it has affected so many of my family members, as well. I read Lolly’s touching story, and I understood immediately why her family carries on her legacy, and I wanted to be a part of it. About a month and a few interviews later, I had my first day.

As a recent college grad, I had heard a million times that the transition to the workforce was daunting and exhausting. I was worried that I would show up every day to perform monotonous tasks, and turn into a working zombie (eat, sleep, work, repeat). I am more than happy to admit that I was wrong. Lolly’s family and friends welcomed me to the team with open arms and every day here at Lolly’s Locks is something new. No two days are the same. With just two of us here in the office, there’s never a dull moment. I am excited to come into work every day and time flies faster than I could have ever imagined.
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