Cancer Discussion

Meet Heather Caro: The Hair Affair DC’s Honored Guest and Speaker

Heather Caro was a 32 year-old wife and mother of two kids, excited about starting her new job as a nurse in the ICU, when she found a pea-sized lump on her breast.  Her battle with cancer meant she had to miss work, and she hadn’t worked at her current job long enough to qualify for the job protections associated with the Family and Medical Leave Act, so she lost her job and her health insurance.

In the five years since her diagnosis, Caro has become an outspoken advocate for providing safeguards and protections for cancer patients, and her formidable leadership has gotten others’ attention. She opened up for an interview with People Magazine, gave an acclaimed Ted Talk, and is now the honored guest and speaker for Lolly’s Locks’ 6th Annual DC Gala, The Hair Affair DC, on May 3, 2018.

She took some time to answer questions with Lolly’s Locks. A lightly edited Q and A follows.
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