Cancer Discussion

Looking Like Herself Makes a World of Difference to Sara

This post was written by one of our recipients, Sara, from San Jose, CA.

My name is Sara, and I am a mother of three. When going through treatment for my Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma my children were 2, 4, and 12. I was hard for me to let them see me. I didn’t want to look sick, and it is very hard to not look sick when you have almost no hair. They wanted to comfort me and be with me. I would have to cover my head with a beanie or a scarf and just say my hair was messy. When I got the wig from Lolly’s Locks it made me feel almost normal again, at least I could definitely look normal. I remember my oldest was the first one to see me wear it. He had just come home from school.

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With a Little Help from Her 4-Year-Old Son , Viktoria Takes Control During Cancer Treatment

This post was written by one of our recipients, Viktoria, from Union City, NJ.

Hi, I’m Viktoria,

I’m 40, and a mom of two boys. Last year I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, and also I was found to be positive for the BRCA1 mutation. Cancer had already spread to my lymph nodes, and tumor was too big to operate, so I had to start with chemo to shrink it.

I did the TCHP protocol first. Two weeks after that, my hair started to fall out in chunks. It was the most emotional part for me and my family. I was always a long haired girl. I let my four year old boy cut it, to make it less scary for him.

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Cancer Discussion

Back to the Business of Granting Wigs: Ending the Summer on the Highest of Notes!

It is hard to believe the end of the summer is here, and there are no words for how excited I am about the end of our application freeze! Since we started accepting applications again on Tuesday, they have been pouring in. Cancer patients from New York to California have been writing in and asking for help in feeling like themselves during their cancer treatment. We ask every applicant what obtaining a high-quality wig means to them, and their words are so powerful in articulating why we do this work:

“It means that at least one aspect of my appearance will look like I did before my illness. It will give me confidence to carry on. It will also allow my children to see me as they remember. Not as mom who is sick. My children are my world and if I can continue to have somewhat of normality it will make the fight ahead that much easier”


“It will give me confidence to go out in public and feel pretty.”

“It would allow me to go to church, and to cover my hearing aid.”

“Throughout my cancer, my main concern are my boys, 12 and 14. I would like to feel confident enough to attend their school/athletic functions. I need to return to work as soon as possible after my [treatment.] Having a quality wig will help me return with my head held high…”

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Wig Education

Get to Know Sandi Rapaport of Jerome Krause Fashion Hair

Sandi Rapaport, by means of her wig salon, Jerome Krause Fashion Hair, has been involved with Lolly’s Locks since its founding. We work with her on a daily basis, and we could not be more proud to have her as one of our partners. To date, Sandi and her team have done over 143 wigs for Lolly’s Locks and that number continues to grow on a daily basis. She has been so crucial to the growth of our organization, and as a result we want to share her story.


What motivated your family to start Jerome Krause Fashion Hair?

My mom’s brothers’ father-in-law was the world’s largest retailer of fashion wigs (called Fashion Tress) starting in the 60’s. About that time my dad was in his 40’s and had to make a career change. My mom did some marketing research from home. Wigs were becoming very popular so they decided to try the business out. They worked from their home but went out daily and called on beauty shops all over the Chicago area. They got involved with Tupperware and would supply wigs all over the country for Tupperware party hostesses. They would pack up cartons and drive downtown 3-4 nights a week to UPS to ship them out! Little did they know over 50 years later it would evolve in to the business it is today!

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