Lolly’s Locks is proud to announce our new sHAIR initiative through which we invite you to donate your hair to be made into wigs for our worthy recipients. We encourage you to share your pictures and videos here with the hashtag #ShairYourHair as you cut your hair and ship it off to us so that everyone can follow your story. Lolly’s Locks is the only nonprofit dedicated to providing high-quality, customized wigs to adult cancer patients at NO cost to the recipient.

**Salons and hair professionals: please ask us for a window/door decal that will allow you to advertise your participation in this hair donation initiative!

If you would like to donate your hair, please make sure it meets the following requirements:

    • Hair must be at least 12 inches in length from root to end. That being said, most women prefer to have wigs made with longer hair. If you have the time to grow your hair past 12 to 16 inches, we would be very grateful.
    • Hair must be healthy enough to withstand the hand tying process. It’s okay to send us color treated or processed hair as long as the hair is in overall healthy condition.
    • Hair must be sectioned off into multiple, small pony tails before you cut (as opposed to cutting one big pony tail). Please be sure to securely fasten hair ties around your hair and to cut 1 inch or more below the hair tie.
    • Hair must be clean, DRY, and parasite free.

If your hair meets the above criteria, please cut your hair per the video instructions, place dry hair in a ziplock bag, keeping elongated when packing to avoid tangling, and send your hair donation and THIS COMPLETED FORM to this address:

Lolly’s Locks
7815 Woodmont Avenue
Lower Level
Bethesda, MD 20814