Cancer Discussion

The Power of a Sense of Normalcy

This post was written by one of our recipients, Aleah, from Santee, CA.

Reflecting on all I’ve been through, I am still in such awe of the great kindness that Lolly’s Locks has brought to me! It really gave me a boost of confidence and hope when I was drowning in a pool of fear. I had to keep working full time through my treatment to keep my health insurance, and I had no idea how that was going to go once I lost all my hair from chemo. Luckily, my new Lolly’s Locks wig had arrived just as my hair was coming out in clumps and I had chosen to buzz the rest off. “Normal” is a word that I think every cancer patient clings to…you just want to feel normal again! My wig allowed me to feel normal, go through my day, and be at work without that stamp of “Cancer Patient” all over me. I can’t explain how comforting it feels to have some little piece of control throughout your cancer treatment (since everything else seems so completely out of your control!). With my wig, I was able to determine when, where, and IF I felt like revealing my cancer status…my bald head didn’t do it for me! That seems like a small thing, but for me it was really huge.

Since treatment has ended, I am starting to feel better and get back to “Normal” life (there’s that word again!). My real hair has grown back in a bit (although I can’t wait until it’s as luxurious and long as my wig was!) and I’m trying to put cancer in the rearview mirror and live anew. I want to let every woman going through something similar to know that it IS possible, you CAN get through everything! I am so grateful to organizations like Lolly’s Locks who encourage us to keep going forward in our lives despite this illness…there’s no reason why we have to hide ourselves away! Get out there and live life!

Thanks, as always, for everything you guys do.



p.s. The side by side photo is me with my delightful wig last year, and me now that my real hair is growing back! Now if we can just get the real hair to look more like the wig hair 😉